Proposed Settlement for 260 Wellesley St. E.

While not admitting liability for the claims advanced under this Class Action, the owners, landlords and agents of 260 Wellesley Street East (together, the “Defendants”) have agreed to a proposed settlement of this Class Action that will provide compensation to eligible persons who on January 22, 2019 were tenants at 260 Wellesley (the “Building”) or were present in the Building on January 22, 2019 (the “Class Members”). This proposed settlement is conditional on approval of the Court.

Notice to Residents of 260 Wellesley

Landy Marr Kats LLP has launched a proposed class action against the owners and management of 260 Wellesley. The proposed class action seeks damages for the electrical, heating, and water outage in the building which began January 22, 2019. The tenants, residents, and visitors to 260 Wellesley were forced to either live in the building…