CPP Appeal Decision

On May 18, 2010 in St. Catharines, Ontario, a Review Tribunal heard an appeal under subsection 82 (1) of the Canada Pension Plan between: Stephane Hebertandthe Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development The appeal was heard before the following three panel members: Lawrence Kroeker Paul Gilmore Ruth Matthews

Popov v. Jones, Part 4

The Respondents were successful on the appeal and are entitled to their costs. They seek an order on the substantial indemnity scale. The Appellants submit an award of $6,000 all inclusive is appropriate. After a review of written submissions by both parties I set costs at $10,301.71 on a partial indemnity scale payable within 30…

Popov v. Jones, Part 3

There were three motions before this Court on March 29, 2012: An appeal by the Defendant Shawn Jones from the Order of Master Dash dated November 28, 2011. An application to set aside the Order of Master Dash dated January 12, 2012 striking the pleadings of the Defendants Shawn Jones and Marcel Jones. An application…

Popov v. Jones, Part 2

The Defendants, Marcel Jones (“Marcel”), Shawn Jones (“Shawn”) and Blake Jones (“Blake”) ( collectively, the “Jones Defendants”) seek to overturn the decision of Master Glustein dated January 26, 2011, which granted production of the corporate defendant’s banking records from CIBC, a non-party, pursuant to Rule 30.10 of the Rules of Civil Procedure (“Rules”).

Popov v. Jones

These are my reasons for granting the plaintiffs’ motion seeking an adjournment of the motion brought by the defendant Blake Jones (“Blake”) in which Blake seeks an order discharging a certificate of pending litigation. The motion also sought the adjournment of a motion brought by the defendant, Marcel Jones (“Marcel”) seeking identical relief, but in…