Is Layoff Legal or Illegal

Layoff is illegal in most circumstances. If your employer has temporarily laid you off, you may have a claim against your employer for monetary compensation or what is referred to as severance. In Martellaci v CFC/INX Ltd., the Court noted that if an employer puts an employee’s employment status on hold (as is the case…

Infectious Disease Emergency Leave: Uncertainty arising from recent Ontario Superior Court decisions

In May 2020, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government introduced O:Reg. 228/20: Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (the “IDEL”), a regulation under the Employment Standards Act, 2000, S.O. 2000, c. 41 (the “ESA”). The IDEL provides that during the “COVID-19 period” (March 1, 2020 to January 1, 2022), non-unionized employees whose hours…

Cafaro v. Alloul

Plaintiff sought this case conference after seeking to schedule a mediation with the defendant since September of 2020. The defendant’s counsel was delayed in responding to requests and advised that the earliest counsel was available for a mediation was February 2022.  The court explained the importance of mediations in Ontario.   Read More

Riccio v. Canada (Attorney General)

The applicant applied for a disability pension pursuant to paragraph 44(1)(b) of the Canada Pension Plan (the CPP). His application was denied at every administrative level. The applicant now seeks judicial review of the decision of the Appeal Division of the Social Security Tribunal (the Appeal Division) rendered on April 9, 2020.   Read More

Buttar v. Cheema

Rumanjot Buttar has sued the owners of a dog regarding injuries she sustained from the dog when visiting someone’s house.  The case was brought under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.  This Act holds the owners of the dog strictly liable for the dog’s attack and resulting injuries. Ms. Buttar alleges that she suffered serious physical and psychological injuries. Her mother, father, and siblings…