Conquest Vacations Class Action

In 2007, this Class Action was brought by a large group of individuals for damages for common upsetting experience, which occurred at the end of December 2006 during a vacation arranged by Conquest Vacations. It is alleged in the Statement of Claim that the Class Members received advertisement and material published by Conquest Vacations stating…

Walia Properties Ltd. v York Condominium Corporation No 478 Rexdale Mews Inc., Rexdale (Morki) Inc., 2007 CanLII 31573

In Walia Properties the applicants wanted the common expenses reallocated based on their respective square footage, and a declaration that the conduct of the residential owners was oppressive. They also sought the appointment of an inspector. Samuel Marr and Stephen Turk, representing the respondents, successfully opposed the reallocation of common expenses.